Your own E-Mail Domain Office 365 Home/Family without GoDaddy

You have a paid Office 365 Family or Home account and want to use your own domain on But you find out that this is only possible when using GoDaddy. Which is for simplicity sake nice but we IT Nerds mostly already have our preferred provider (I mean I have my own webhosting company, so domains against buy in price are cheaper then GoDaddy). Therefore in this article I will explain how to get it working without GoDaddy.

We need an ID for your account so we can create the correct DNS records. When you open the redirect link to GoDaddy from the Outlook Premium panel the ID is presented in the link.

The key value in this URL is mxRecordValue=XXXXX this value holds the ID for your account. Now that we have the ID we can create the DNS records with your preferred provider. In this table XXXXXX holds the value of the ID we just found.

Type Name Data TTL
CNAME _domainconnect 3600
CNAME autodiscover 3600
TXT @ v=spf1 -all 3600
TXT _outlook XXXXXXXXX 3600
MX @ Priority: 0 3600

Now we can test if the settings are applied correctly by checking it using tools like for example MXToolbox. I also advice you to add a DMARC record, for this you can use a generator like DMARCLY or type it our yourself.

When you now return to the Outlook setup everything should check out and should work.