Why I hate automatic payments! And how I fixed it.

Every month I have a struggle, the automatic payments, because I need to check my bank balance all the time. Because every month my healthcare will collect their money. Being a student, and thus not having that much money, it can sometimes be a big pain in the ass. 

The time that automatic payments went wrong…

For instance one time I was so long overdue because (I forgot that it wasn’t collected…) and they didn’t send me a message that I was overdue on my automatic payment. I needed to pay a small fine because if you’re more than two weeks overdue, you have to pay an administrative fine. And it’s not that I don’t have the money. I like to move my money to my savings account so that I don’t spend that much on food and coffee.
Prove of my fines received by missing automatic payments
Prove of my fines…

So how are we going to fix it?

After the second time I had enough of it. So I jumped on my PC and logged in to my Healthcare providers account. After some digging I found my solution! Instead of using “Automatische Incasso” ,which translated from dutch means automatic collection. I chose “Digitale Acceptgiro” which is the digital variant of the “Acceptgiro”. Where you pay via iDeal (Which is an common used payment gateway in the Netherlands). A acceptgiro is a kind of check where you give permission to collect money for one time only.
Example of a acceptgiro
An example of a acceptgiro

This fixes my irritation for now. And I hope you like this blog post. Got any tips? Tweet or email me!


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