Just Do It.

Just Do It.

The marketing sentence from Nike. Shia LaBeouf’s motivational speech. It is a frequently used sentence to give motivation to people. But what is the beauty of three words? These words appear to work. And so:

It motivates people!

Sometimes people just need a little push to go and do stuff. A little bit of motivation. So when you see someone who needs a little motivation. Just say Do It! And motivate them to do the stuff they wanna do.

So remember that when you see someone who is a little bit down. Think they can’t do stuff. Tell them. Make you’re life count and do the things you wanna do! Because this world is already full of hate and violence. And you live only once!

Here a little video of Casey Neistat showing that when you’re asked to make a movie about making it count. And he just does what he wants to do. He travels the world on the budget with his friend Max. It lasted 10 days.

So far my motivational post. When you have tips or feedback? Mail me through the contact form or tweet me!